About Us


The purpose of  OromiaTube.com is to provide you with the best online video sharing platform, a place to find out more about your favorite movies, shows, music videos, comedy, famous speeches, life lessons, technology videos, drama and also keep up with the latest news,  and also join our ever-increasing communities of fans.

We believe that every Oromo deserves to have a voice, and it is this voice that will build a stronger and better Oromo community. The OromiaTube video sharing platform will be instrumental to achieve this goal by showing the true picture of events as they unfold in Oromo community. 


As many people around the world show interest to know more about the Oromo people, the OromiaTube serve as important tools to give them free, easy, and open access to explore the various events which range from culture, way of life, traditions, music, debates, style, voice of the people, matter arising, and many more around the Oromo’s community.


This platform enhances the Oromo people to freely share their opinion via a creative and visual medium which may lead to new possibilities and freedom. Every Oromo and people around the world should be able to break down barriers and restriction within their borders and come together to share the World of Oromo to the world at large.


If you have a significant update that you want to share on OromiaTube, the process is simple.

  1. Just click on the “Submit Video Button” which is at the top of the homepage and
  2. Fill-out the provided form by entering your name, email, post title, post URl, attaching your video file, post description, tags and choosing the right category that you think is suitable for your video.
  3. Hit send and we will immediately receive your entry at our end
  4. Our team of experts will then review your content, and if we find it fit for the platform, we will share it with the world on OromiaTube.

OromiaTube is all about coming together and becoming a part of a community that shares your love for Oromia.